Dolnośląski Instytut Studiów Energetycznych


  1. Three Seas Initiative – Ukraine Gas Summit
  • Is the strategic energy partnership between the Three Seas Initiative and Ukraine possible?
  • Gas supply security – cooperation between the Three Seas Initiative and Ukraine.
  • Can collaboration with Ukraine within the Three Seas Initiative countervail the Russian-German Gas Alliance?
  • New sources and direction of gas supply to the region.
  • How can we use the exiting gas infrastructure to strengthen safety and ensure market development in the region?
  • The gas market reform in Ukraine and its consequences for neighboring gas markets.
  1. Natural gas as a transition fuel in energy transformation from the national and regional points of view
  • Energy transformation and the European Green Deal.
  • Natural gas as “transition” fuel according to PEP 2040.
  • The role of natural gas in energy strategies in countries of the region.
  • The rate and stages of energy transformation – Polish and regional approach.
  • Regional cooperation for energy transformation.
  1. Financing of investment in gas during the energy transformation
  • Role of the Just Transition Fund (JTF).
  • Three Seas Initiative Fund.
  • Commercial investment finance in the gas industry.
  1. Efficient use of gas infrastructure in the process of energy transition
  • How to plan investment in industry and distribution during the energy transition?
  • Continued development of gas infrastructure in the country – linear and point infrastructure?
  • Changes in natural gas consumption in Poland and investment plans to develop underground gas storages.
  • New functions at the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.
  1. Hydrogen economy in Poland in international experienc
  • Objectives and goals of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy.
  • Development of hydrogen economy – international experience (USA, Germany).
  • Support instruments for green hydrogen – in Poland and in the world.
  • Will a hydrogen hub develop to serve Poland and the region?
  • Use of “green” hydrogen in the transformation of chemical and oil industries.
  • Role of underground gas storages in the development of hydrogen economy.
  • Can “green” hydrogen become an exchange commodity?
  1. Role of natural gas in the transformation of heating and power industries in Poland and in Europe.
  • Advantages of natural gas as transition fuel in the transformation of the heating industry.
  • Barriers to supply and technical accessibility of gas for the heating industry.
  • Development of gas infrastructure in the context of heating industry transformation.
  • Financing models and instruments supporting heating industry transformation.
  1. Status and prospects for the development of the biomethane market in Poland.
  • Current production capacity of domestic biomethane plants.
  • Technical conditions to introduce biomethane to the transmission and distribution networks.
  • Financing models for investment in biogas.
  • Problem with maintaining gas quality in the network after introduction of biomethane.
  • Pricing model on the future biogas market.
  • International experience in developing production and use of biomethane.
  1. New challenges for cybersecurity during rapid digitalization of the power and gas industries.

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