Gazterm 25
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DAY 1, MONDAY, May 16th, 2022

The Gas Summit for Security and Just Transformation in Europe

  • Nord Stream – consequences of the strategic mistake for Europe
  • REPowerUE- new strategic objectives for the EU and independence from Russian gas
  • Baltic Pipe – significance of the project in the context of current challenges
  • How can we save the Ukrainian energy industry?
  • Support for Moldova and other countries in the region which depend on Russian supplies
  • A new phase of cooperation in the Three Seas Initiative for gas supply security
 Energy independence and decarbonization in the light of REPowerUE and Fit for 55

  • Are REPowerUE goals convergent with those of Fit for 55?
  • Time framework for reaching independence from Russian gas supply to the EU
  • New needs for LNG infrastructure
  • Energy security and gas as transition fuel
  • The role of renewable gases (biomethane and hydrogen) in the development of EU Energy independence
Prospects for a free gas market at the time of geopolitical shocks
Patronage of TGE

  • Geopolitical risks and volatility of natural gas prices in Europe
  • Bottlenecks in the system of gas supply to Europe
  • Prospects for gas exchange markets and the implementation of REPowerUE objectives
  • economic effects of the price shock
  • possible scenarios for the future natural gas market
Security of natural gas supply to Poland

  • current and future natural gas consumption in Poland
  • Consequences of resigning from the Russian supply for the Polish market
  • Import capacity of the Northern Gateway in the face of new security challenges
  • Strategic gas reserves and plans for the development of underground gas storage
  • Prospects for new gas supply contracts for Poland
  • Role of domestic gas resources (and renewable gas) for energy security
Day 2, TUESDAY, May 17st, 2022

Three Seas Region - Gulf of Mexico - Middle East and the potential for transregional cooperation

  • development of cooperation in gas and oil supply
  • LNG sector and the gas crisis
  • prospects for joint investment
  • climate neutrality and the future of the oil&gas industry
  • cooperation in innovative transformation of the oil&gas industry
Does the road to Poland's energy independence lead through the gas fuel distribution network?

The panel organized by the Conference Partner - Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp.z o.o.

Prospects for gas as a transition fuel in the context of the current methane strategy and the EU taxonomy

  • emission costs
  • natural gas in the taxonomy
  • emission thresholds
  • financing of investment in gas-based energy industry
  • hydrogen and biogas technologies
Have recent events redefined cybersecurity concepts?

  •  What are offensive cybersecurity skills and why have they become crucial?
  • Outlook and principles for establishing and developing the Security Operations Center
  • Major cybersecurity functionalities expected in IT products,
  • ństwa automatyki przemysłowej?
  • What are key products to be included in industrial automation cybersecurity projects?
  • Modern technologies and improvement of cybersecurity.


As in previous years, this time we gather to discuss the hottest topics for the energy industry and new challenges resulting from globalization of the gas market. These include disrupted supply chains and growing prices of gas.

The agenda of the 25th GAZTERM Conference primarily focuses on unprecedented, global energy market changes. The agenda highlights also include regional cooperation under the Three Seas Initiative. In this particular case, the topic is going to be discussed in the context of megatrends, such as globalization of gas markets and energy transition to eliminate fossil fuels. Price hikes that have continued for over a year are global and expose the vulnerability of European gas markets. The instability of markets and worsening gas purchase terms undermine the previous position of gas as an attractive fuel and its role of a transition fuel in the energy transformation. The future operation of the gas industry is also threatened by the pressure to abandon fossil fuels. From this point of view, we are going to analyze the latest policies of the European Commission, namely the 'EU Methane Strategy' and the 'Fit for 55' Package. Apart from the transition, another valid topic is the gas supply security, especially in the context of the Russian Federation and its allies' aggressive behavior. In short, the GAZTERM 2022 Agenda focuses on the need to tighten regional collaboration in the gas and energy sectors to meet challenges posed by rapid global changes.

During the conference, discussions will focus on four main topics:


Among other topics, we are going to examine the role of transmission infrastructure and the security in the Three Seas Region. It includes the Baltic Pipe, GIPL, Poland-Slovakia Interconnector, gas supply security in the context of current political tensions in the region, US-China competition and the security of gas transport routes, economic security in the context of rapidly growing gas and energy prices, and the Russia's gas blackmail.


This heading will enable to discuss global and regional sources of gas crisis in Europe, trade strategies and growing gas prices, competition between Asia and Europe on the LNG market, status and prospects for the global oil & gas industry, and current and future gas-based power generation after the crisis.


The discussion will focus on hydrogen technologies as a new driver for the development of the gas sector and the economy of hydrogen and biomethane projects. We are going to examine the situation in the gas market in the light of the 'EU Methane Strategy' and the 'Fit for 55' Package. We will also try to determine whether natural gas may really become a transition fuel in the energy transition. We will also discuss similarities and differences of the European and American energy transformation processes.


This part of GAZTERM is going to focus on regional cooperation, security, and integration of gas markets under the Three Seas Initiative. In the opinion of the GAZTERM Organizers, the Initiative offers a robust platform for the development of cooperation between gas market stakeholders in the region. Panel discussions will consider efficient methods of dealing with challenges created by globalization and transformation. Another topic to be examined is the support offered by the Three Seas Initiative to neighboring countries, notably Ukraine and Moldova, which are particularly exposed to Russia's aggressive behavior. 

All these topics are going to be the main focus of panel discussions and opening speeches. The agenda includes topics of particular interest for infrastructure operators, commodity exchange and trading companies, PGNiG and their commercial partners in the world, banks and funds involved in the energy transition process, chemical and petrochemical sectors, as well as power generation and renewable energy sources in the context of green hydrogen and natural gas a transition fuel.
As in previous years, we are going to collaborate with sector related partners from around the globe, and we will seek the Honorary Patronage of the Polish President Andrzej Duda. The Honorary Committee will include a number of prominent institutions.
The 25th jubilee is an opportunity for us to include several interesting side events. We would like to invite everyone to participate in the conference on behalf of our long-term partners, such as PGNiG (Polish Oil&Gas), the Main Conference Partner, the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry, the Industry Partner, and the Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies (DISE), our Merit Partner.
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